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Let me start with what is LetsGrowMore and how is it being such an success platform for young enterpreneurs of education youth ?

It is a young education work place that is specially designed for to offer true education for those who really have fascination to learn and grow with the amzing platform LetsGrowMore.

Way of teaching is an important aspect of key for learners to begin with their positive mindset for understanding the logic of an fundamental learning so subsequently this community shining of place offers great learing experience and creates a positive mindset and generates raw talent among the young people.

LetsGrowMore is a ground-based organization that aims at building the future through nourishing the present.  As the key definition itself depicts about the importance of future in the hands of this young talents.

My Timeline with LetsGrowMore

Education is the first step for people to gain the knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment and skills they need to make this world a better place

It’s has been such an great platform based on my experience and learning. With quality educators and trainers , it is very vital for to learn at right time with positive intention.

With great amount of experience , we can develop unique projects and performance into a great complications of featuring ourself a great name through projects , Internships . so Lets Grow More offered a good learning experience and being such a great assistance while working with the projects.

With GitHub as a vital tool for code saving and adding the projects into it to represent ourself like we have done a project and saved it as a repositery in github . I really enjoyed every moment of playing with github in LGMSOC show.

I really recommend future talents and blooming youngsters GitHub

I really be blissful if I get another oppurtunity from LetsGrowMore from being part of LGMSOC in future timeline.

Thank you LetsGrowMore for this experience and I urge future people to learn along side with this community to enhance and learn more through enjoying.


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Machine learning for Iris flower plant

"Stay positive until you achieve your final product till an estimated target"

Iris flower classification project

I have included my github project link above and project description at the bottom of the blog . In middle ,I have included flower’s overall points and specifications to know more about the flower species. Have a happy reading throughout !

Iris flower

Iris is a genus of 260–300 species of flowering plants with showy flowers. It takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, which is also the name for the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris. Some authors state that the name refers to the wide variety of flower colour’s found among the many species. As well as being the scientific name, iris is also widely used as a common name for all Iris species, as well as some belonging to other closely related genera. A common name for some species is ‘flags’, while the plants of the subgenus . Scorpiris are widely known as ‘junos’, particularly in horticulture. It is a popular garden flower.

Scientific classification

Above table shows the iris flower’s scientific classification

Distribution and habitat

Nearly all iris species are found in temperate Northern hemisphere zones, from Europe to Asia and across North America. Although diverse in ecology, Iris is predominantly found in dry, semi-desert, or colder rocky mountainous areas. Other habitats include grassy slopes, meadowlands, bogs and riverbanks.

A member of subgenus ScorpirisIris persica, a bulbous iris

There are around 300 varieties of flowers in the Iris genus. These famous flowers are available in two main forms: those that grow from rhizomes and those that grow from bulbs.

Iris flowers feature unique blooms that are made up of two different kinds of petals, falls and standards. The falls form the lower petals, which droop downward or fall. The standards are the upper three petals of the flower. The characteristics of an iris petal further segment the plant into three types: bearded, crested, and beardless. Bearded iris plants have soft hairs along their falls, resembling a beard. The flowers of a crested iris have a ridge-like crest on their falls.

Irises that grow from bulbs include Iris reticulata, Spanish (Iris xiphium) and Dutch varieties (Iris x hollandica) and bloom earlier than the rhizomatous irises. However, most irises show their famous flowers in the early summer, while some also bloom for a second time in the late summer. They are known for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds and make perfect cutting flowers. The iris varies greatly in size, from the smallest dwarf variety, which only grows to 6 inches tall, to the tallest variety which is up to 4 feet tall. 

Botanical NameIris
Common NameIris
Plant TypePerennial
Mature Size6 in. to 4 ft. tall
Sun ExposureFull sun
Soil TypeRich, moist, well-draining
Soil pHNeutral to slightly acidic
Bloom TimeLate spring, early summer, and late summer
Flower ColorVarying shades of purple, blue, white, yellow
Hardiness Zones3 to 9, USA (depending on variety)
Native AreaEurope, Asia, North America
ToxicityToxic to humans, toxic to pets
Iris specifications

Iris Varieties

  • Yellow Iris: Also sometimes known as “flag,” this variety of beardless iris is highly tolerant of moisture. It is an abundant spreader, which sometimes deters gardeners from planting it. However, it makes a great container flower variety and produces beautiful blooms and bright green foliage.
  • Louisiana Iris: This iris is native to the U.S. and hardy to zone 6-9. They boast a wide variety of colors and petals that are reminiscent of lilies.
  • Japanese Iris: The Japanese iris boasts large, broad petals, and a stunning array of colors. This variety also does well with increased soil moisture, making it the perfect choice in areas with high water tables or a greater chance of standing water. 
  • Siberian Iris: The Siberian iris provides smaller, more delicate-looking blooms than many other iris species and adds a beautiful pop of colour in the late spring.  
The Spruce / Evgeniya Vlasova species

Propagating Irises

Irises spread underground through rhizomes or bulbs and will need to be divided every 3 to 5 years, creating the perfect opportunity to spread your irises to new landscaping areas. You will know when it is time to divide when you have fewer blooms or there are rhizomes popping out of the ground. Follow these basic steps to propagate iris plants:

  1. Wait for 6 to 8 weeks after your irises have finished blooming. Then, with a garden fork or shovel, slowly work around each plant to loosen the rhizomes or bulbs. 
  2. Gently lift the iris out of the ground and shake out the dirt. 
  3. Once the dirt is removed you will be able to see the rhizomes or bulbs. You will find smaller rhizomes spreading from the larger mother rhizome. Some may come away naturally while others will need to be cut. Either way, divide these smaller rhizomes and toss any old, shriveled rhizomes. 
  4. Once you divide the rhizomes and remove any that are spent or diseased, simply plant the divided iris plants in a new location.

Iris flower classification project using Machine Learning

First of all , What is Machine Learning ?

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to build systems that can learn from the processed data or use data to perform better.

Machine learning algorithms build a model based on sample data, known as “training data”, in order to make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed to do so. Machine learning algorithms are used in a wide variety of applications, such as in medicine, email filtering, speech recognition, and computer vision, where it is difficult or unfeasible to develop conventional algorithms to perform the needed tasks.

Now , let’s take a dig at this project!

Iris flower classification project using machine learning

Libraries used in this project : Numpy , Pandas , Matplotlib , Sciket-learn(sklearn).

Methods used : Data Cleaning , Data Preprocessing , Logistic Regression , Outlier Detection , Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Data Visualization , Data Modelling , Confusion matrix and classification report.

Technologies and tools used : Machine Learning , Google Colaboratory.

Accuracy achieved : 95.64 %

Project completed on : July 21st 2021

Iris flower compilation

The sight you feel

I hunger for truth
Yearn for upright living
But I didn’t make a sound
At what “The Giving Tree” was giving

I took that fruit and ran
Demanding what was rightfully mine
I cared nothing for pomp and circumstance
In the presence of the Divine

Other countries grew mysteries
Unbelievable tales of idols and worship
But civilized humanity grew
A “BOMB” that cast off the antiquated War Ship

From that moment, forward
When no lightening bolt came from Heaven
Our harlot nation
Kneaded and rolled ALLLL available leaven

We are vomiting our rolls
At the pearly gates of doctrine and belief
Demanding God to send His angels
For our healing and relief

The flood gates of Heaven…open
And water is pouring forth to cleanse
Purity’s Fire is coming
To restore man’s “Holy” lens

Just as Our Savior had to wait
For the emptiness of fleshly desire
So our corruption must be full
Before we experience the purifying fire

I have heard the screams of man
In the realm unseen…horrible to hear
But as LOVE humbles our Pride
Humanity will come to REVERE

Poetry is the power to raise the feeling of an innocent to express their views :’)

Time Travel – ” The unexpected run”

As days pauses into

pearls of bloom of positivity

As days pauses into

tears of think of negativity

The life doesn’t change in breath of

wishing people

As I walk through into

straight lane of white cross

I feel some bloom of travelling

to next generation

I got an impression as

it is the runup to next level

of immortality

I find a sensational sense of

what is going to happen in

future aspects

Excitement ,Fearless says the time

Moreover, I go myself

as a time traveler

using my mind of imagination  

with my mind of inner soul

Some are ambiguous people

Some are  union of gum as

they stick only at one place

which don’t show the way


They don’t stick to more plans rather only

with single plan

As same the time travel is !

It shows only one way as

it avoids the double travel in one time

We do know what happens next

if we time travel to know about  

future reality

It sticks into one thing but not doing things


As I face numeric experience when I time travel

through my imagination

I see lot of things that seems to be good for

future arrivals

Men may come and men may go

As I go on forever into reality of

virtual world as a time traveler

Every people are busy on their work

as I am into the world of unbelievable


World go into the wrist of

busy but I go into

the twist of seeing the future things

Woah says the wings of

sensing the pressure full of

stress ,  even the stress says

time travel , Oh time travel !

What have you made my day

as I see things that others fail to see

with their loss of hibiscus …………….:)

poetry that makes you feel overwhelmed 🙂

Poetry by :


Women Empowerment talk

This is an website created for spreading awareness on women empowerment in Tamil Nadu , also it is an positive initiative step.

  • What a salient revolution ? Women Empowerment in Tamil Nadu , Let’s look into it ….!

One of the most significant social changes over the past 25 years in Tamil Nadu is the entry of women into the local political bodies at the village and village union levels through the 33% reservation system. Simultaneously, women are now, to a significant extent, organized in self-help groups. Through these about one-fourth of the households can access loans for small entrepreneurship or, rather more frequently, for smaller emergency/consumption loans. There has also been increased participation of women in the non-agricultural labor market and the emergence in Tamil Nadu of a rudimentary “barefoot” welfare state. In this article we report from a 25-year panel study of 213 agrarian households in six villages in Karur and Tiruchirappalli districts.

Women have had a long history in asserting their
rights. It is a commonly accepted view that
the male-dominated patriarchal society and
power structure would usually keep the position of
women low. This powerless situation of women has
itself made them to look for a way out and
liberation. Reformation thinking, feminist movements,
freedom struggle have all contributed in awakening their
consciousness. Women empowerment refers to
strengthening women’s position in social economic and
political power structure of the society. It also implies
capacity building with the leading role plagued by the
State and non-state organizations.

Targeted schemes to be done by government in Tamil Nadu

Schemes are designed to benefit all demographics of our community namely, health, civic facilities, education, employment, etc. The scheme could either be a subsidy or a direct financial assistance.

The below mentioned links are the schemes targeted by government to develop the rural area

So if we look into our country , as mentioned below points does…………

Women empowerment in India

The realities of rural life in India are difficult to comprehend. While a small minority of people in major cities have benefited from the information revolution of the past decade, the lives of most people in rural India (over 650 million) have hardly improved. There is a lot of talk about the “digital divide;” the government is planning to bring the Internet to villages, but it is difficult to see how this project will help when the basic necessities of life are absent.

A majority of villages do not have sustainable economies, and only through oppression of women and lower castes can the landlords, upper castes, and government officials support a better life for themselves. The social injustice that underlines this perennial problem cannot be addressed by a frontal attack on women’s issues by targeting women alone, but it requires a comprehensive effort in which communities develop through sustainable and integrated programs that impact everyone.

Issues of rural poverty and health have traditionally been the concern of governments. In the past, and even today, most programs designed to benefit rural India are funded and managed exclusively by the government. Private initiatives are lacking as the government, to preserve its power, has placed obstacles and disincentives at every step. For example, modern healthcare for all of rural India is a free government service, but the reality is that the delivery of primary health care has failed miserably. A number of charitable institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have played a positive role, often assisted by government grants and foreign donations.

Let’s stay together and give a positive support for improvement for women in rural areas in Tamil Nadu and across the country …..

Come on guys …Let’s do it ……:)

Let’s uplift the women’s strength for this humanity…..

The son of ideas

Man born with

his huge world level


Generated his ideas

into a real life

situation with immense

examples ….

Dominated the science

with his exploring


Changed the theory with his relatives of mind…

Stepped down from

the god’s part of a brain

Stepped up with his

creative cart of knowledge

Felt for the first time to

care about the species

in the earth…

Sorry for discouraging them

at the past, Great for care for

them in the present..

Huh! Majesty of ideas

How have you unleashed

yourself from such

negative thoughts…..?

Huge applause for that!

Feel my presence of peace

inside my soul for

writing this poetry…

The day where you

stepped up from the earth

Whole world felt silence because

of you…

As the soul rests as the

heat leaves its radiation

on the earth you leave your beloved world

Long live your silence

Long be your thoughts

Let’s create a new path

of the positive way…..

Miss you sir Abdul Kalam….

Long live your ideas….. 🙂

Poetry by :


Worrying situation in Assam

Most of our countries are praying for Amitabh Bachan whose is the great actor of bollywood cinema is under survelliance of the doctors due to the Covid 19 positive.But there is another depression caused in assam where there’s a massive flood washed away the lives of innocent people .

95 percentage of kaziranga place in assam is filled up with water . And 33 lakhs lives of people got affected by the flood .

In the last week of April, Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal took stock of the state’s flood preparedness. Less than a month later, the river Brahmaputra swelled up and has been in spate ever since. In spite of the CM’s directives, the state administration seems to have been caught unawares. At least 65 people have lost their lives. More than 35 lakh people in 26 districts of the state have been affected. Nearly 90 per cent of the Kaziranga National Park is reportedly submerged.

Floods are a recurrent feature during the monsoons in Assam. In fact, ecologists point out that (“flood waters”) have historically rejuvenated croplands and fertilised soil in the state’s alluvial areas. But it’s also a fact that for more than 60 years, the Centre and state governments have not found ways to contain the toll taken by the raging waters.

The reports of ASDMA stated that more than 3.86 lakh persons are affected due to floods in Dhemaji, Sivasagar, Biswanath, Chirang, Nalbari, Barpeta, Kokrajhar, Dhubri, Goalpara, Kamrup, Morigaon, Nagaon, Golaghat, Jorhat and Tinsukia districts.

Let’s pray for the speed recovery in Assam. ..! Hope this flood ends soon….

“Way of feel”

Life tell you play

where you go pass

the obstacle…

Bare more be more

to show case your

wealth of success…

Life play certain


It knows a way

by curving the play…

There comes a blooming

pearl of tiny twinkle love

Its like twig that

connects the union of

Life cycle…

Life is like a root that

paves the way for

to stay for play…

Well well well go

away from where

the negative threatens to

insisting in wrong way..

“Let’s feel healthy be the customer to be wealthy person ”

Poetry by:


” The Life You See “

As moment we see

through a lens we

look there is a deep

event going on…

There been love strategy

loves robberies going on

with no clue as they

see thou the technology…

Oh man you look stubberned

inside but you tend to do

when you see the life

is not going on the path

Life look like lean


but whereas when

you decide to get aggressive

it looks like tragic hogward…..

As the scenery, you

abreast with the deep

faith on your day so

it tells you to

abound with pages of idea on you…

As much you get rid of

negative mind you will be

bolt upright a moment…

There is no bed of roses

unless you are at your own


Poetry by :


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